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In Revelation 21:3, the voice from the throne shouted, “God’s home is now with his people. He will live with them, and they will be his own.” (CEV) God dwells with and in his people. In our November sermons we’ll learn more about what that means to us:

  • November 4 – “Hope”. On All Saints Sunday we usually focus on the saints who have gone on to their reward. The theme of the message for this day is Revelation 21:5, which says, “I am making everything new.”
  • November 11 – “Victory”. What difference does and could Jesus make in the division and brokenness in our country today? What about the power of the Good News? The theme for this day is Hebrews 9:12, which says, “Christ went once for all into the most holy place and freed us from sin forever.”
  • November 18 – “Confidence”. Even though we are all sinners, and fall short perfection, we can be confident of God’s love, grace and forgiveness. The theme for today is Hebrews 10:19, which says, “The blood of Jesus gives us courage to enter the most holy place.”
  • November 25 – “Love”. The final week of the series is based on Revelation 1:5, which says, “Christ loves us, and by his blood he set us free from our sins.” This week is also Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday in the church year that begins in Advent. We’ll celebrate our preparation for Advent with the annual Hanging of the Greens service, too.


We look forward to seeing you. And remember to bring a friend!

– Pastor Roger