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10 Guidelines for Prayer against COVID-19

Use these prayer points as a guideline for your own personal prayers against the COVID-19 coronavirus and its effects on people everywhere in the world.

  1. PEACE– Pray against spirits of division, suspicion, anxiety, panic, and fear that grip our communities.
  2. LEADERSHIP– Pray for wisdom, truth, direction, compassion, and strength for all leaders (political, medical, economic, ecclesial, etc) in authority.
  3. PROTECTION– Claim the blood of Jesus as a shield and healing over people groups, institutions, systems, policies, processes, and over all areas of life and society against COVID-19 and its effects.
  4. IMMUNITY– Daily speak strength and health to immune systems (personal, family, friends, etc.)
  5. RESOURCES– Pray for sufficient human and medical resources for our healthcare systems and sufficient and necessary resources for all other sectors (i.e. financial) and institutions (i.e. schools).
  6. TESTING– Pray for a prompt, expedient, efficient, and sufficient, production, distribution, administration, and interpretation of tests locally so that leaders may realistically ascertain the scope of the problem and be equipped with strategies and resources to address the problem thoroughly and speedily.
  7. STRATEGIES– Pray for the deployment of effective strategies for identifying epicenters and centers of the disease’s proliferation, for social distancing, for judicious and humane regional, local, and home-based quarantining that would level off the rate and intensity of occurrences, for home-based and institutional treatment of the sick, for accurate contact tracing, and for all other epidemiological issues and solutions.
  8. RESEARCH– Pray for all types of researchers to develop an expeditious, effective, sufficient, affordable, well-tested, and safe production of a CV-19 vaccine and treatments.
  9. INSTITUTIONS RESTORED– Pray for all of the institutions and systems impacted by this crisis (the church, gov’t, healthcare, schools, the economy, businesses, law enforcement and other first responders, and all other workplaces) that they would be protected and restored to normal healthy functioning.
  10. SALVATION– Pray that we all come to a place of true repentance and total dependence on God for all things and that God would release to this world. protection, provision, healing, restoration, strength, salvation and all things that pertain to life and godliness. Time for the church to be the church and embody and minister wisdom and love in all we do. Be a Kingdom witness.

– Rev. Dr. Peter Bellini (link to the original post in several languages here)