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Dear Friends,

Here we are, all but locked in our homes thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic. We’re not able to meet and worship together as the body of Christ. At least not in person, like we’re so used to. Part of our worship time is tithes and offerings, when we give back to God as an appropriate response to the amazing things he does for us. For his incredible love for us.

But when we’re not able to meet, we aren’t able to bring our tithes and offerings to the church. As you pastor, I believe very strongly that our giving is a critical part of our daily walk as Christ-followers. As a practical matter, our church expenses like utilities, heating oil, taxes, insurance, maintenance – all of those continue, just as they do for you.

So I urge you, as you’re able, to deliberately continue your regular giving of tithes and offerings. Here are 3 possible approaches:

  • Put your weekly offering aside, and give it in person when we are able to meet again in church.
  • Mail a regular check to the church (mailing address below).
  • Consider electronic giving. Very soon we will provide an electronic giving option that allows you to use your credit or debit card to make a gift to our church via a secure Internet connection.

Here’s the church mailing address:

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
P. O. Box 263
1530 Slate Hill Rd.
Peach Bottom, PA 17563

Blessings, and thanks for listening!

Pastor Roger