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Revised effective 1/2/21.

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  • Older persons in vulnerable age groups, especially those with certain health conditions, should not attend. Please do not attend if you are ill, ESPECIALLY with symptoms like fever, cough, sneezing, etc.
  • Each person will have their temperature checked upon entering the building. Persons whose temperatures are above 100.4° F will be asked not to enter. We have received a donated no touch thermometer; using this thermometer, “normal” temperatures appear to be in the range of 96-98°.
  • We will not have Sunday School, or our once-a-month fellowship meals for the time being.
  • We expect everyone to practice safe distancing, which means avoiding physical contact like hugs, handshakes, etc. Every other pew in the sanctuary is roped off, and we ask that people sit together only in family groups from the same household.
  • Everyone should wear a mask or a face shield, except the youngest children and persons with health conditions that prevent mask wearing. We have a supply of extra masks on hand for those who do not have them; thanks for that donation.
  • Singing is OK for those wearing masks.
  • Please use only the rear entrance, at the handicap ramp.
  • We will not use the downstairs rest rooms, only the handicap facility on the main floor. Wash hands frequently.
  • Plenty of hand sanitizer is available, so please use as needed.
  • We will sanitize door handles, plumbing fixtures, etc., as needed, although we should not need extra sanitizing measures from week to week, since the virus apparently only survives a day or two on most surfaces. However, we will need to sanitize following special events like Saturday funerals, and so on. We will discuss this as needed.

Worship Changes:

  • Communion –
    • We will use prepackaged “Fellowship Cups”, which have a wafer and grape juice in a sealed package. On Communion Sundays, please pick up a cup at the table in the parlor before entering the sanctuary. Note: Some people may need assistance opening the packages, which should be limited to immediate family members.
    • No gathering around the altar.
  • Offering – Plates will not be passed around, but will be located near the exit from the sanctuary. A reminder that online giving using a debit or credit card is now available.
  • Prayer time – Pastor Roger will not move among the congregation, no “hands on”.
  • Children’s time – Children will stay in their seats and not come forward.