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Dear Mt. Zion Family,

You may know that our United Methodist Church made the news on Friday, January 3, 2020, with the release of a proposal that would separate us into 2 denominations, and perhaps more. The proposal, called “A Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation”, is the result of intense negotiations among a diverse group of United Methodist leaders, representing many views of our church body. This is only a proposal; our own Bishop Peggy Johnson sent an email to pastors throughout our conference, reminding us that, in her words, “This is not a done deal!”

You may have read the headlines, most of which were inaccurate or totally misleading. You may have read the news stories, most of which were written by persons who understand very little of what has been happening in the United Methodist church.

This “protocol” is actually only the most recent of many proposals that will be submitted to our upcoming General Conference that will be held May 5-15 in Minneapolis. A lot can happen between now and then. Any or all of these proposals may be accepted, rejected, or modified once General Conference begins; there’s no way of knowing what will happen until then.

Please know that I am paying close attention to all of this, and I will make every effort to keep you informed. I will be available to answer questions about this proposal, and the overall situation, during our Jan. 26 potluck lunch, so please come ready to ask!

In the meantime, as I did last year leading up to the 2019 special General Conference, I ask you to pray constantly for our United Methodist church, including our leaders at all levels. And most especially pray for the delegates who will represent our Eastern PA conference in May.

Remember, a lot can happen until then. So let’s pray.



Pastor Roger